Why Should or Should Not Invest On ICO

why should not invest on ico

ICO – which is now a great mean to collect millions of dollar over one day or within just few hours also. This provides flexibility to collect fund through out world. In 2017 there are lot of ICO Project started, every startup interested to create their business decentralize using blockchain. But the business is not decentralized, the financial transaction goes decentralized. Crypto investors having good profit through earlier crypto currency like bitcoin, ethereum and few others which are already multiplied their investment with huge return. So, investors are also looking for the next big coins and tokens and investing in various ICO and token sale.

There are also many newbies in crypto market who are just started their crypto trading since just few months and ready to invest on new ICO or Token to get more profit rather than holding Bitcoin and Ethereum, But does really all ICOs are providing good return and keeping promise of investors?

If anyone know about TokenStars ACE token project then I am going to share it’s investor’s experience here. From the very beginning Tokenstars’s ACE token project got higher rating in major ICO rating platform and many investor found it as a great project but after successfully completion of ICO the revenue raised over ICO sale is lower than the the actual raised which was found on their website. After that TS team taken one month for KYC verification and token distribution. But it was not sufficient time for them and again they had taken two extra weeks and at last the token price what investor found on etherdelta exchange it was just a big harassment for all investors, the price reduced to 6times from ICO price and some people are ready to sell with low price by harshness. When one investors wish to discuss about the token price fall with support agent, what the reply came from that side, it was really sucked him. “We didn’t promise for profit.”

It is really a very sad news when someone behaving this to you. No one investing for loss, loss may be happen but as a start-up, every project promise investor for good return and at least same or slightly less is also acceptable for hold.

So, not only one example there are many examples in crypto market where investors are harassed from the team. It will better to choose good ICO by your own rather than preferring ICO rating platform.

Why should invest on ICO?

This question is frequently asked by many new investors in various social media so, here are some reason for your ICO investment.

  1. Investor can get huge bonus in ICO period to support an promising project.
  2. During ICO period it is very cheap cost
  3. Some ICOs are providing even 10 times return after listed into exchange.
  4. By investing in an ICO, investor’s bitcoin or ethereum can be multiplied.

Why shouldn’t invest on ICO?

This question have already an answer with the experienced story. But also there are major disadvantages on investing in an ICO.

  1. Bitcoin and ethereum price increasing in nature and it is proved many times, when one have that coins then why should he/she should invest on a project with less return in compare to his previous holding?

2. If ICO price decreased after ICO sale like TokenStars then it is better to buy after the ICO period.

3. There are lot of scam going on in ICO like fake project, false news about collected fund.

4. Some ICOs are based on ponzi scheme which may provide huge profit in short term but it may collapsed at any time.

Conclusion : This is just an introduction about the profit and risk on ICO investment, so do it on your own risk and be aware of all scams and harassing projects.


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