TokenStars ACE Token Airdrop to All OKEx ACE Trader

tokenstars ace token

Another giveaway offer on trading ACE Token by TokenStars. Trader who will trade ACE Token will get awarded with bonus tokens. TokenStars which is tokenizing sports person and celebrity has announced this offer.

ACE Token is now listed on OKEx and EtherDelta only. The offer is limited to OKEx users only. This is an mutual offer as announced by TokenStars and provided by both TokenStars and OKEx.

For every 100 ACE bought on OKEx, user will be awarded extra 3 ACE Token after the promotion. This promotion will valid from 12-JAN-2018 to 19-JAN-2018. 33,888 Token will be airdropped to all traders until it is finished. Each user account will get maximum 300 ACE Token. Top 5 trader will get additional bonus. 1st: 3,000 ACE, 2nd: 2,000 ACE and 3rd-5th: 1,000 ACE. The result will be announced within 1 working day after the promotion, excepted date is 20-JAN-2018.


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