Telegram Plans to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency


Initial coin offering (ICO) now a great mean to raise fund to support any type of business. Investors are more like to invest in ICO to support great project in earlier stage. Telegram is one of the most used chatting app, which is most often used by crypto investors. Telegram plans to join in crypto revolution by creating it’s own ICO to collect fund through crowd funding. It has been said that Telegram is looking to collect as much as $500 million in a pre-ICO sale, with a total token value that could reach $5 billion. An official announcement could come as early as March.

In an ICO, a pre-sale is a minimum cap on investments to attract bigger players before opening the door to retail investors. The minimum buy-in during the pre-sale could be as high as $20 million, sources say, with U.S. dollars likely required instead of cryptocurrency.

It is said that the ICO will be named as TON “Telegram Open Network” which will solve the cross border payment and it may have greater potential as compare to bitcoin and ethereum.

Still there is no announcement about the TON  ICO officially by telegram but the news spread out by massive media.


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