Ripple Price will Rebound After a Massive Sell

ripple will rebound again
#ripple will rebound again

Current trending news in crypto market is ripple’s crash. Not only ripple but major crypto currency price drop occurs since coinmarketcap exclude korean exchanges from it’s list, which occurs since coinmarketcap wish to maintain the price graph very accurate. Korean virtual currency market running with high price surge in all crypto currency since demand is more. The decision taken by coinmarketcap to exclude korean exchange from it’s exchange list was really affected to crypto market, it just looks as sudden price drop and inverter were selling their holdings to keep safe their capital. Ripple was heavily affected by this event.

Since ripple records all time high as usual market corrected after it. With market correction the coinmarketcap event and a lot of rumor against ripple spread out to dump it.  It is really usual event in crypto market when a coin other than bitcoin records all time high  and got a higher position in terms of marketcap, that coin is gradually dumped, what we have seen before in IOTA also before one month.

As by investors in major social  media raise opinion for ripple, it seems it will be again back to it’s position


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