Income Tax Department of India Surveys 9 Exchanges

indian it department survey

On 13 Dec 2017 Department of IT surveys about bitcoin investors and their transaction in 9 Indian exchanges including zebpay, unocoin, coinsecure . After Supreme Court ordered for to investigte more about it. It is the first step taken by department of IT. Lately, but it is a good step which is taken indian government about the regulation of Bitcoin and crypto currency. It collected data of all traders and investors and it will trace the financial status of all investors.

The  news about this survey is spread by major national, international and local news media. The media introduced bitcoin with people and about it’s risk. Simultaneously bitcoin got more awareness in India after this great step taken by India IT Department.

However, Indian bitcoin exchanges are previously collected KYC of their investors and traders and record of transaction are stored securely which helps to secure all investments.

After this step, very crypto currency users are waiting for the next action taken by the government and about it’s regulation.


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