How To Earn Some Crypto Currency Without Any Investment

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Crypto currency market is now improving rapidly as compare to equity, commodity and fiat currency market. Many people found it as valuable and like to invest in both short term and long term. From earlier 2008 to till now the first crypto currency bitcoin grown up from $0.008 to $8000 in price value.  This year Ethereum price grown up 44 times, Ripple 397 times, Litecoin 15 times. The growth of the price value may be spoken “bubble” by several economist but it is quickly adopted by many people.

A lot of crazy news for bitcoin is going on, someone even sold his house and invested on bitcoin. It is not recommend to that, Investment should be that much you can afford and with that you can live happily. By facing a lot of barrier still crypto market rapidly growing and now it looks as unstoppable. So, it is also a good time to invest on quality crypto currency.

As I have written this article about earn of crypto currency without any investment. Let’s go through it. To get some crypto currency like bitcoin, ethereum, or any newly born coin or ICO, you must have to spend your time and it requires some little work.

Here is some list of ways by using you can earn some crypto currency.

Bitcoin Faucet:

Bitcoin faucet is nothing but an easy way to earn satoshi (smallest unit of the bitcoin. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC ). Generally, bitcoin faucet sites are providing a captcha to solve with certain time gap in between one solve to another. Generally it is one hour or half one hour or may be 15 minute or 5 minute. is the most leading website which provides bitcoin faucet features including dice roll and even lottery to earn bitcoin with 4.08 annual interest on your earned bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal is  0.0003 BTC with a referral bonus of 25%.

Exchange like and also have faucet feature to earn not only bitcoin but also ethereum, altcoins many other newly born coins. User have to only register and click on faucet to earn.

Earn Bitcoin/Altcoins By Viewing Ads:

This is also an easy method to earn some bitcoin or altcoin (Alternative Coins/Other than bitcoin). is one of the most leading pay per view site for bitcoin. Which have 424109 registered users and 5000+ Online users. This is a great source of crypto visitor for advertisers also. User can get upto 4000 satoshi per day by viewing ads. More than 52 BTC Paid by Adbtc.

One new and most recommended platform which is developed by Bitclave, is now offering free CAT Token to view offers from advertiser. Offers are only limited to newly created ICOs. It is paying 10-50 CAT Token per each offer view, where each CAT Token price is 0.003 ETH now. User can sell it with a minimum withdrawal limit 300 CAT Token.

Participate In Airdrop and Giveaway Offers:

When a new ICO comes to market, it needs to become popular and it will show with a big community of user. Airdrop are released mainly to Ethereum wallet address, so if you decided to earn crypto currency by participating in airdrop then you have to first create some social profile at Bitcointalk ,Twitter , Telegram, Facebook and Slack and also an ethereum wallet. Most important is Bitcointalk profile and you have to increase your level to at least Jr. Member to participate in most airdrop. Not every airdrop requires your all profile details and remember it “Don’t share your private key with anyone or don’t give it to any site”.

Coinkhoj prepared a list of currently active airdrops, giveaways and offers. Prefer the instruction to participate in any airdrop.

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