Envion Reveals ICO Plans to Mobile Mining Crypto Currency with Natural Energy

Envion ICO Press Release

envion ico press release

Envion, the most profitable mining business is to offer ICO on 01-DEC-2017. It will source for the use of natural energy in crypto mining and mining will be remotely conducted with control of envion. Since crypto currency mining utilized maximum electric city, it’s plan of natural energy resource will be an promising and successive idea. Company will utilize 25% of profit to establish new Crypto infrastructure which is self expand the business and will work for long term gain.

The mobile mining will be sustainable in any environment. It will engineered an extremely mobile mining solution, hosted in standardized CSC containers. Ready for “plug-and-play” deployment at any energy source. Price-collapse of solar panels has led to tumbling electricity prices at photo-voltaic plants worldwide. It’s mining units can monetize virtually free local over capacities. It’s cutting edge mining-unit management platform connects all units to one global, decentralized network using redundant 4G and satellite connections. More than 40× more efficient than traditional data centers: Using a patented cooling system, it reach an unprecedented power efficiency.

The token sale will be held in 4 phase and the price value for Round 1: $0.70/EVN ,  Round 2: $0.80/EVN, Round 3: $0.90, Round 4: $1 and early investor who register for white list on pre-sale they will get 30% bonus.

ICO rated as 8.3/10 on Coinkhoj. Get envion ico detail information on coinkhoj.


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