DADI – Decentralized Web Service


Web hosting helps every business to connect with people aboard and provide service globally. Every business needs cloud hosting to maintain their server integrity and also which provides them uninterrupted service. The cloud business is now centralized in powered by most big techie like Google cloud, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure .. etc. The price of the colud hosting is much more high for small and medium level businesses.  Now, cloud server will be available in cheap price and the revenue of the business will be shared with community.

DADI (Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet) is a new era of cloud computing services powered by blockchain. Dadi web service will be driven by community, it is the first decentralized cloud web service provider which aims to compete with traditional centralized business.

Dadi is going to launch it’s own token sale in order to collect fund through crowd funding for it’s cloud web service business. The token pre-sale price will be 0.40$ for each DADI Token and in public sale it will be 0.50$. Due to high demand in dadi token, company opened it’s white listing to access token sale on time specified. The price sale will be in 22nd January, 2018 and public sale will be held on 29th January, 2018.

The dadi token total supply is 100,000,000 DADI. 60% of the token will be available for purchase, 20% reserved for founders, 10% for partners, 5% for referral program, 2.5% for company operation, 2.5% for dadi ecosystem.

Dadi for Consumers:

DADI drives huge cost savings in product effort by easing the development and deployment process. Products that typically take months to build can now be tackled in weeks.

And running costs when live are a fraction of the cost of a traditional cloud setup. Online automotive magazine What Car? saved 65% on their month-to-month infrastructure bill when they moved to DADI Web Services.

Dadi for Miners:

There are three types of Miner within the DADI Network: Stargates, Gateways and Hosts. Stargates and Gateways are network node owners who contribute bandwidth. They are the entry point to the network, acting as an aggregate point for Host node capacity and providing the domain name system that makes Host resources addressable. Hosts are network node owners who contribute computational power. DADI Web Services run in a container service within Host environments.

If you are a miner or have spare computational power, DADI is a great application of your resource, delivering real world services for individuals, businesses and governments, whilst driving profit for you.

Find Dadi Token Rating and Reviews and White list yourself to participate in token sale.


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