Crypterium Announced $31+ Million Fund Raised Still Far For It’s Cryto Banking Project

Crypterium Crypto Banking ICO, Image:

The most promising ICO Crypterium Today, announced it’s total fund raised 31+ million dollar and still the ICO sale is going on with 10% of bonus value. Crypterium aims to create large crypto banking project. Crypterium CRPT Token is created on Ethereum platform with total supply 1,009,511.3889266911 CRPT and it is upto 18 decimal number.

CRPT Token sale started from 7 November and it will continue till 13 January. Initially it offers 15% bonus on it’s token sale and the bonus offer reduced by 5% in each week ( or two week). So far it raised 2350+ BTC, which is record in ICO crowd funding.


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