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Get latest news about bitcoin. The first crypto currency bitcoin growth, price chart, resistance, volume of supply and all official and non-official announcements.

hitbtc segwit2x b2x pre-launched

SegWit2x(B2X) Pre-Launched on HitBTC Exchange

The Segwit2x Hard fork which is planned for 25th October, is now available for trading in HitBtc. HitBTC user can now trade B2X as a new coin in the market with BTC/B2X pair. This...
Maxim Oreshkin, the Russian Minister of Economic Development

Maxim Oreshkin: Bitcoin is Worse Than Casinos

Last week Russia's PM Vladimir Putin announced, Russia will allow regulation of crypto currency. After that Putin said, Russia will issue its own cryptocurrency, may that name will be "CryptoRuble". Oreshkin was speaking at the...
unocoin on segwit2x

UNOCOIN: Follow Majority Chain After SegWit2x

The startup made this assertion in it's blog put up, assuring its customers that it's going to deliver them to both blockchains if a blockchain cut up occurs following the SegWit2x fork, that is...
woman invested on bitcoin for her daughter mariage in future

A Keral Woman Invested on Bitcoin For Her Daughter Mariage in Future

In just few days back we released a news about a person who sold everything even his luxury house to get better return from bitcoin. Actually that news comes from social media and made...
bollywood actress crazy about bitcoin

Bollywood Celebrities Who Found Bitcoin Is Best

The rumor of bitcoin spreading it's branch rapidly day to day. On our recent news you can see how russian porn actress Ekaterina Makarova proposed PM to legalized bitcoin Bollywood celebrity in india are also...

Reserve Bank Of India May Preparing A Law For Regulation Of Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currency which is called digital money or digital assets, which is not in the form of any paper or metal made coin. The concept of digital currency started in 2009, after the introduction...
list of segwit2x adopter

Bitcoin Published The List of Incompatible Wallets, Exchanges and Miners

Segwit2x are adopted by many wallet provider and exchanges which is against the bitcoin term. After segwit2x bitcoin will be partition into two and the formed currency will not be bitcoin, it will be...

Eliminating Resistance Bitcoin Made The Record of $5000

It is a good news for all investors, bitcoin hits $5000 price value. It is the all time high of the first digital currency, which faced various resistance on it's growth of market value....

Russian Porn Actress Ekaterina Makarova Proposed PM to Legalized Bitcoin

Bitcoin rumor is spreading it's branch to every mind. The first digital currency which doesn't ever getting sustainable down but always recovers it self from major crash and giving good returns to its investors....
bitcoin crash

Bitcoin Again Going Back As Massive Sell Occurs in It’s Higher Position

After a month bitcoin is again trying to go up. After touching $4900, the price falls down due to the massive volume of sell occurs in major market. Many buyers in the previous crashing...