Bitcoin Published The List of Incompatible Wallets, Exchanges and Miners

Be aware of segwit2x and all its supporter who signed to adopt it. While keeping your bitcoin on these wallets and exchanges will split your bitcoin and you will find another coin which is not bitcoin.

list of segwit2x adopter

Segwit2x are adopted by many wallet provider and exchanges which is against the bitcoin term. After segwit2x bitcoin will be partition into two and the formed currency will not be bitcoin, it will be it’s different name. WHile the investors are not taking Segwit2x but the wallet providers and exchanges are adopting it. The list of such exchanges, wallet provider and miners are listed as they will be discontinued from bitcoin in after the segwit2x.
Before investing in such company be careful about it.

The transaction will be slow and if you want to speed up the transaction then you have to pay some extra amount. This is benefited to exchanges and also the spiting of bitcoin will be benefited to miners, so they are adopting it, but the investors will not get more benefit as in bitcoin.

Here the list of Bitcoin wallets, exchanges and miners who will discontinued from bitcoin after Segwit2x.


  1. Abra (United States)
  2. (St. Kitts & Nevis)
  3. BitPay (United States)
  4. BitPesa (Kenya)
  5. (UK)
  6. (China)
  7. Circle (United States)
  8. Coinbase (United States)
  9. (Phillipines)
  10. GoCoin (Isle of Man)
  11. Jaxx (Canada)
  12. Luno (Singapore)
  13. Ripio (Argentina)
  14. Unocoin (India)
  15. Xapo (United States)


  1. ANX (Hong Kong)
  2. Bitex (Argentina)
  3. bitFlyer (Japan)
  4. Bitso (Mexico)
  5. BTCC (China)
  6. (China)
  7. Coinbase (United States)
  8. (Phillipines)
  9. CryptoFacilities (UK)
  10. Korbit (South Korea)
  11. Safello (Sweden)
  12. SFOX (United States)
  13. ShapeShift (Switzerland)


  1. 1Hash (China)
  2. (St. Kitts & Nevis)
  3. Bitfury (United States)
  4. Bitmain (China)
  5. (China)
  6. Genesis Mining (Hong Kong)
  7. ViaBTC (China)


  1. /Chandler Guo (China)
  2. BitClub Network (Hong Kong)
  3. Bloq (United States)
  4. Civic (United States)
  5. Decentral (Canada)
  6. Digital Currency Group (United States)
  7. Filament (United States)
  8. Genesis Global Trading (United States)
  9. Grayscale Investments (United States)
  10. MONI (Finland)
  11. OB1 (United States)
  12. Netki (United States)
  13. Purse (United States)
  14. Veem (United States)


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