Beware Of Bitcoin Mining Scam!

Bitcoin mining scam "BitMiner v1.0", "StartMiner v1.0" . scam review.


Bitcoin scam! Bitcoin which is king of all crypto currency, newbies are daily emerging into bitcoin. It’s anonymity, low oversea transaction fee and increasing price value, decentralized scheme makes everyone to put attention towards it. There is some chance of getting into the scam. Here are some of the mining scam site which are claiming as you have to pay less fee in bitcoin and they will give you more in return.

Some scammer sites likes.

Beaware of those sites they are the real scammer. The site claims they are using “BitMiner v1.0” or “StartMiner v1.0”. They are asking for your bitcoin address, and showing they are mining for you. There is a referal program which suggest you to refer friends and newbies are very interestingly sharing it before getting their first payment. There are also some fake reviews spreading across the globe by those newbies, so never trust their site. Those site asking you to upgrade the mining process with small investment, if you invest on that then you will loose your money.
They are showing some payment proof the transaction are real but the proof of payment is fake. They are collecting some transaction and showing those are they made.
bitminer fake payment proof

Please share with your friends and tell them not to join with any bitcoin mining scam.


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