A Keral Woman Invested on Bitcoin For Her Daughter Mariage in Future

woman invested on bitcoin for her daughter mariage in future

In just few days back we released a news about a person who sold everything even his luxury house to get better return from bitcoin. Actually that news comes from social media and made attention of all news platform. Today we found a women in keral, who invested on bitcoin, through indian’s bitcoin wallet provider zebpay. As per her speech “She invested an amount of Rs. 50,000 with hopping the value will be increase many times and will cause her small girl Nandita marriage possible in future.”

The boosting price value of bitcoin attracting everyone including celebrity as we already seen How Bollywood two celebrities merged with bitcoin. The government of India putting more efforts to use digital wallet for money transfer, where some of the people also getting idea about digital currency. The more people emerged into the digital currency market the value of the currency will be more, and currency like bitcoin which already proved that it is unstoppable. Several allegation comes to down it’s progress but it always overcome all it’s resistance.


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